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Let’s walk together on the journey from being a ‘well-behaved’ dad who is doing what he thinks he’s supposed to and hoping it’s right, to becoming a ‘high performance’ dad who is clear on who he is, where he and his family are going and why.

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In this “blind-date” episode Amy shares how leadership in the family is part of family planning; how she shifted her perspective of Motherhood to being a privilege; and reveals the answer to the question, does one-size-fits-all work in parenting?


Episode SummaryIn this episode Kevin looks into the skills of influence, an essential part of life and especially of raising kids well. Be ready to take notes as he shares central elements of;teaching others how to thinkpresenting challengesthe importance of role modelingThere is so much to learn about how when and why to influence others, […]
This week my conversation with Ian Hawkins covers deep lessons about allowing life’s experiences of grief to be catalyst for learning and receiving answers in places you weren’t looking. We also cover: the benefits of journaling; would you miss the big game for a chance to change your life?; how putting yourself as first to priority is loving others; Children it seems, are the mirror we all need. It’s unsettling how much they show is about ourselves. A major lesson Ian shares is in recognizing the body’s signals of grief - and what we can do about it.
We can build relationship with our kids even after making mistakes! If I’m willing to set aside “my form of love” to meet their needs by doing things like; saying “goodbye 3 times, each time discovering how they need us to be present at football practices; letting the future goals guide today’s decisions; JJ shares how relationship between spouses and the stresses we face impacts our kids. She also reveals tips for improving conversation, and how money stress limits our ability to share our true selves.
Are you ready for the challenge? It’s likely to be a life-long challenge, but if you’re brave enough, let’s go! What is courage? How can you tell if you are not being courageous? What does being a courageous Dad look like? We may have slightly different answers to these questions - or very different - but that is where we have opportunity to learn. Different perspectives can be used a way to reconsider what and how we think about life and other people. If you’re up for it, listen in as Kevin shares some thoughts on demonstrating courage in the...
Internet OG Steve Olsher, known for his many successful on-line businesses, and more so for his passion for podcasting, pulls the curtain back to reveal the father behind it all. Steve talks about how; Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, entrepreneurship, and on-line business have played significant roles in helping his boys grow into successful young men.
Solid gold nuggets from Braden here today! We cover a variety of topics, and in each one he gives us solid insight that can be applied right away. We touched on, kids playing Roblox and other on-line activity; how vulnerable can parents be? what if our kids don’t want to pick ‘one thing’? In this conversation Braden is very vulnerable with us, and shares openly about how he is growing in his relationship with his son - and his ex-wife as they co-parent.

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